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Trout & Bass Fishing

Fancy Free plays host to no less than 7 well stocked trout and 3 bass dams and we offer excellent fly fishing all year round. TargetĀ  trout ranging from 1kg to 3kg in the winter and bass up to 2 kg in the summer. Well appointed jetties and easily accessible shorelines offer comfortable, quality fly fishing to both experienced and novice fly fishermen.

  • Our own on-site hatchery ensures that our dams are always stocked with quality fish.
  • We offer guided fishing and expert advice to anglers in the need of assistance.
  • Float tubing is allowed on all our dams.

Other Activities

Fancy Free offers something to do for the whole family. Apart from fishing which is our main attraction we also offer activities like bird watching, mountain biking, walking and relaxing by the swimming pool. We also offer a play area and a jungle gym for the kids.